In 2020 we set out to do something never done before, to unseat District 5 incumbent Noel Gallo and address the pressing issues of the community. Though we came up short, it was a tight race, and it showed the value of building grassroots momentum even during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic.
"Now, running this campaign, I feel blessed once more. Here, again, is a moment where we can come together to serve our community, to do some good. We’re from this district, we love this district; what better time than now? What better group than us? We are uniquely situated to rise like a tide and wash away the apathy and ineffectiveness that has long plagued our local politics."
- Richard Santos Raya
Foundational Campaign Portrait used in Flyers and Ads. 
Screenshot of voter's Instagram story.
Lawn Sign Design by Aaron Molo.

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